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VPR Tracking

VPR Tracking is done with special cameras that photograph images of

license plates as they pass by. These "Smart" cameras are supported 

by hi-tech software that perform algorithms simultaneously that support

the ability to read letters and numbers on the license plates. The incoming 

information from the camera is sent to sophisticated technology that reads each plate as hundreds of millions come in each month. This is all done in "real-time" so when a previously input plate number is matched by a new scan, a notification is sent to our agent along with a photo, time and location of the scan.

VPR Tracking is used by law enforcement in many counties throughout our country. Unfortunately not every police precinct has the budget for a system as sophisticated as this. That's where we come in. Our services scan approximately 500 Million plates scanned each month for vehicle locating giving us the latitude and longitude coordinates. Each license plate hit is verified via photo for correct plate prior to notifying Law Enforcement. Please call to speak with a representative if you have any questions.



VPR Tracking

NTSR VPR Trackig
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