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Theft Recovery

Vehicle Theft Recovery

Professional thieves can steal any car they want, but make them work for yours. To prevent thefts, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recommends “Layered Protection.” Your vehicle is more difficult to steal with the more layers of protection it has on it. 

The number of layers you place on your vehicle will vary depending on your vehicle and geographic location, budget and personal preferences. Our Decals fall under 2 areas in the layer 2 protection as it is described by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, "Theft deterrent decals" and "Identification markers in or on vehicle". 


Is a layered 2 anti-theft deterrent what's best for you? You can download an NICB pamphlet at

In the event there is an auto theft National Theft Search and Recovery will contact Law Enforcement when we find the location of the stolen vehicle. Prior to running a location report we do require you to contact your local law enforcement agency first to file a stolen vehicle report. Once this is done, simply provide us with the agency and the Case Number.

Identity Theft Recovery

Fully-Managed Identity Theft Recovery Service

If you become a victim of identity theft, you will be assigned your own personal Recovery Advocate who will do the legwork for you to recover your good name, no matter how long it takes. Your benefits include:

  • A Personal Recovery Advocate assigned to manage your identity recovery

  • A Fraud Recovery Package, with activation forms and instructions for immediate action provided to you by email, or overnight delivery

  • A Customized Recovery Plan put into action by your Recovery Advocate as soon as you sign your activation forms

  • At the close of your case, your Advocate will provide you with a summary of your credit scores and status of your post-event results

  • In addition, your Advocate will provide past-recovery follow-up for 12 months to guard against further problems

Educational Benefits:​

Members receive ONLINE access to identity theft education and protection tools including:

  • Identity Risk Assessment Test to determine your vulnerability to identify fraud

  • Special Reports & Newsletters to keep you continuously informed on the latest identity theft scams to avoid

Family Members Included

With the NTSR Identity Theft Recovery you will receive all the individual member benefits for qualified:

  • Spouses

  • Domestic Partners

  • Dependents up to age 25​

As a member, NTSR will supply the following services for Identity Theft Recovery:
  • Initial response by personal assigned recovery advocate assistant within one (1) business day.

  • Recovery package via overnight or email (your preference), including necessary forms and instructions, including a limited power of attorney form.

  • Notification to the three (3) major credit bureaus, and your affected creditors, financial institutions and utility providers if there has been an identity theft event.

  • Help with filing a Police Report.

  • Provide fraud alerts to the three (3) major credit bureaus requesting that a fraud alert be placed on your credit files and affected credit accounts at the option of your choice in an identity theft event.

  • Provide a secure logon to a personal Identity Care Account to allow you to view recovery case notes online 24/7.

  • Provide one credit bureau monitoring to you for daily alerts accessible through your Identity Care Account for the duration of the recovery process and for twelve (12) months thereafter.

  • Provide a means within your Identity Care Account for you to access, view and print recovery case documents uploaded on your behalf by your Recovery Advocate.

  • Collect information regarding misuse of your accounts. 

  • Create and maintain a case file to document the identity fraud.

  • Access and review your credit files with you to determine the accuracy of the file and potential areas of fraud.

  • Research and investigate potential damage to your identity utilizing a limited power of attorney with creditors, governmental agencies, financial institutions and others.

  • Diligently strive to restore your identity to pre-event status.

  • When appropriate, aid with obtaining and reviewing you Social Security Personal Earnings and Benefits Statement.

  • Provide information to the Federal Trade Commission, and to other government agencies as appropriate.

  • Periodic contact with you by the Recovery Advocate for one (1) year following resolution of your identity theft recovery case.

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