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4 Security Screws | 6 Decals | 2 Window Stickers | Identity Theft Protection (1 Year) | VPR Tracking (Length of Vehicle Ownership)

VPR Tracking - Decal System - Security Screws


    -Register for VPR Tracking services will search for the location of your vehicle in the event of a theft. Our agent will notify law enforcement of the location on every scanned plate that is searched.

    -Decal System will permanently place a chemical onto the surface of your vehicle that even when the decal is taken off it leaves behind your unique id number that can be seen only under ultraviolate light.

    -Warning Stickers are a deterrent that are placed on driver side and passenger side window to discourage thieves from wanting to steal your vehicle.

    -Security Screws to help deter thieves from removing your License Plate (License Plate not included) because this is one of the first things most thieves do when stealing a vehicle.

    -Identity Theft Services for 12 months.

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