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Annual Renewals

National Theft Search & Recovery is committed to assisting vehicle owners through the complexities of searching and locating their vehicles if they were to go missing or be stolen. While assisting law enforcement with additional ways of searching, locating, identifying and recovering vehicles when they are deemed as stolen.

When initially registering your vehicle for our services, we expressed that we would contact you yearly with the intent to 1st keep your account updated and 2nd to offer renewal for any services that were added. If you have information updates that are needed on your account (ie. vehicle, address, phone #, etc.), you may contact our customer service department. You may also make the changes on your own by hovering over the “CONTACT” button in the yellow bar above with your cursor and clicking the “UPDATE MY ACCOUNT” option and following the prompts.


*If you have been contacted about a “RENEWAL” that is due. You may have had a service that was added to your account when initially registering that has expired or is about to be expired. Below you will find an overview of what services will be included with your renewal.

Active: Decal Database Access to Identify & VPR Tracking for Locating Stolen Vehicles (Primary Vehicle) - (Vehicle Ownership Duration)

Active: Decal Database Access to Identify (Household Vehicle) - (Decaled Vehicles’ Ownership Duration)

Active: Vehicle Maintenance Assistance (Primary Vehicle) - (Primary Vehicle Ownership Duration)

Renew to Continue: VPR Tracking (All Household Vehicles) - (12 Months)

Renew to Continue: Vehicle Maintenance Assistance (Household Decaled Vehicles) – (12 Months)

Renew to Continue: Family Identity Theft Recovery (Contact, Spouse & Under 26-year-old dependents) - (12 months)

*New* Activate: Recovery Guarantee (Buy Buck Policy) (Primary Vehicle & Additional Decaled Vehicle) - (Vehicle Ownership Duration)


Six (6) Traceable Paint Etching Decals and Two (2) Warning labels for registered vehicle. (Household Decaled Vehicle Database Access Continued for Ownership Duration)


Online access to update registrant’s personal and vehicle information.

VPR Tracking for all vehicles registered at registrant’s address. (Household Vehicles Paid Yearly – Primary Listed Vehicles Have This Available for Ownership Duration)


Provide tracking services 24/7 once notified of theft for thirty (30) days.

Provide law enforcement access into the National Theft Search and Recovery Database for decal identifying in the event of a theft.


Provide law enforcement with coordinates of spotted locations from VPR tracking resources.


Correspond with involved law enforcement agencies as we receive spotted locations of missing vehicle.


If the decal-ed registered vehicle isn’t recovered within (30) days from the notification date of theft to NTSR; a full refund will be issued to the listed vehicle owner on the primary active account.


Discounts on Repairs, Maintenance, Parts, Accessories & Rental Vehicles **CONTINUED BENEFIT FOR RENEWING**


Vehicle Maintenance Assistance – When initially registering your primary listed vehicle you chose to add additional household decaled vehicles, by renewing you will continue to receive ALL the discounts a large commercial fleet company receives when using our preferred service affiliates for the household decaled vehicles as well.


We have negotiated with some of the largest repair, maintenance, part and service providers in the country. These are the special rates that we pass down to our Preferred Loyalty Customers.

Examples of the services you may use and save money on are Repairs, Oil Changes, Tire Rotations, Alignments, Brakes, Fluids, Filters, Parts, Accessories, Roadside Assistance & Rental Vehicles.

 *All repairs come with a limited warranty from each repair facility*

** The initial registration service of work receipt has a list of preferred service affiliates. **You may also download our free App on your smart device, which offers a Service Center Mapping option that includes account information for the qualified centers. Save up to 30% from the retail cost.

Available to household decaled vehicles for 12 months from the date of renewal. *Access to this account benefit is now locked into package, at this rate for future renewals.


NTSR Family Identity Theft Recovery Services **ADDED BENEFIT FOR RENEWING**


If you become a victim of identity theft, you will be assigned your own personal Recovery Advocate who will do the legwork for you to recover your good name, no matter how long it takes.


Your family benefits include: (Family Involvement Restrictions)

  • A Personal Recovery Advocate assigned to manage your identity recovery process.


  • A Fraud Recovery Package, with activation forms and instructions for immediate action provided to you by email, or overnight delivery.

  • A Customized Recovery Plan put into action by your Recovery Advocate as soon as you sign your activation forms.

  • At the close of your case, your Advocate will provide you with a summary of your credit scores and status of your post-event results

  • In addition, your Advocate will provide past-recovery follow-up for 12 months to guard against further problems


NTSR is confident in the timely recovery of your registered vehicles if stolen and is now offering to add a guarantee of recovery which is identified as our Buy Back Policy. This guarantee will be added to your account with the renewal of partial services in your package that were added when initially registering.


If NTSR isn’t able to assist and confirm recovery of the Primary or Household decaled vehicles listed on your account within 24 hours from the time reported to us AND confirmed deemed as “stolen” by law enforcement; or the vehicle is recovered in the 24 hour time frame and there are damages that exceed the initial registration cost. We will send the account holder a check for up to $399.00 to be used toward the damages or for not recovering within the allotted time, (additional restrictions and requirements apply; review suggestion below).

Suggestion: Following your account renewal, please remove one of our previously placed NTSR paint etching decals and keep it in a safe place, (with your account paperwork; outside of your vehicle). The reason for doing so is in the case your vehicle is stolen and isn’t returned in the allotted time frame of 24 hours. We will continue to search; but it is required for you to qualify for the reimbursement that you send us at least one decal for us to be able to “buy back” the decal. This also will be required if we are reimbursing you for any damages cause by the theft.


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